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JumpinGoat Introduces the SmartCup XPress Lid
May 20th, 2010



JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters continues to make its mark on the coffee world.  Already a successful enterprise by implementing an efficient and productive coffee shop business plan, JumpinGoat reaches new levels as they introduce the SmartCup XPress Lid into their operations.  This ingenious apparatus has given new meaning to the French press and JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters is pleased to be one of the first locations to carry this item. 

For the serious coffee guru, it is a well-known fact that the perfect cup of coffee begins with the roasting process and how the coffee is brewed undoubtedly affects the end taste.   The French press is the preferred method by most to achieve the outcome of a perfect cup, complete with the natural oils and flavor of the coffee bean.  The problem with the French press is that until now no one has ever developed a dispensable press for “on the go” coffee drinkers.  Jeff Baccetti, inventor of the XPress Lid, was inspired to create a recyclable, disposable French press after watching his wife painstakingly transfer her traditionally pressed coffee into a paper cup to carry on the road with her.  The concept was born and within a few weeks the first designs were complete.  Hence, the SmartCup XPress Lid has arrived.   

Hours are spent commuting on the road and for the coffee enthusiast who has discovered the richness of a French press, this means sacrificing quality for something quick and easy.  The XPress Lid offers a convenient and disposable means of producing a superior cup of French press coffee on the go.  With fully recyclable components, the contraption fits easily over existing 16 and 20 ounce paper cups and functions as well as the traditional French press for an aroma and taste that are incomparable.   All you need is great coffee and clean water.  Best of all, the coffee or tea – yes, even tea – of your choice can be prepared easily with conventional press techniques to its maximum flavor potential using the XPress Lid and then discarded with no clean up hassle. 

CEO of JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters, Forrest Graves, is continually searching for ways to improve his coffee service and promote quality coffee products.  Discovering this novel device and young and progressive company, Graves and SmartCup have joined for a business venture advocating superior coffee and innovative means to produce quality coffee.  The product’s fully recyclable design was an attractive quality which caught Graves’ attention.  Having been tested with consumers, JumpinGoat determined that individuals preferred the XPress Lid, noting that people appreciated the ease of use and “no clean up” disposable and recyclable attributes the XPress Lid provides.  Recognizing the appeal of the XPress Lid, JumpinGoat offers and is currently analyzing the success of the XPress Lid with US troops in Iraq. 

JumpinGoat is excited to introduce this phenomenal new tool and believes the XPress Lid disposable French press is the wave of the future in coffee commerce.  As we have come to expect with JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters, Forrest Graves wants to do more than just “sell” coffee; he strives to educate the consumer and the entrepreneur.  Cheers to JumpinGoat for offering the latest and greatest ways to yield the perfect cup of coffee. 


Rachel Rogers

Independent Business Writer


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JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters – As Seen on CNN Live
December 20th, 2009

It’s a story that can offer hope to millions of Americans struggling with unemployment, and to working Americans everywhere who fear losing their jobs in this economy.
Forrest Graves was an executive for a major corporation when he was laid off last Christmas. He has a wife and two daughters to support.
Forrest made a choice: to turn unemployment into an opportunity. He chased his career dream.
Thanks in no small part to the ways he harnessed free tools on the Internet, Forrest made it work.
Here’s how he turned a $600 investment into a growing business with clients around the world.

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Social Networking: Know your Audience
April 7th, 2009

This is the second part of my blog series about Social Networking.  My last blog breached the topic of, “how to monetize your Social Network”.  By that I mean…how to make money!  We covered a few historical fundamentals, and the importance of sociology.  You can subscribe to my blog at  There you will find a delightfully inseparable mix of business and fresh roasted

You really need to consider your audience:

Look, let’s not make this any harder than it is. Your audience is everyone in your network and potentially anyone who is aware of you, or your company. You are my audience…simply because you are reading this. That does not mean every person that reads this is my “addressable market”…you are my audience.

Mixing up the definition of Market Size, the Social Network Opportunity within, and Addressable Market can be a problem.

Addressable market: is the total amount of dollars that you or your company could generate if you acquired every potential customer.  I am in the Specialty Fresh Roasted Coffee business, so in order to garner the number I would need to realize the total number of potential coffee drinkers, and then the percentage of that number that consume specialty coffee. I could further calculate growth trends, and I should also consider calculus based on local, regional, or global markets.

Market Size: is typically referred to in terms of number of potential patrons or dollar volume in a particular segment of the economy.

Social Network:  The share of some interdependency. It could be values, data, financial exchange, friendship, dislikes, vision or perhaps similar interest.

You are my audience, you are my network, (my network audience) and we are linked via some common interdependency.

With the consideration of these three components, you will begin to see how you can, or rather should communicate with your audience. There are many other considerations that I will cover in later blogs, but the fundamentals cannot be overlooked.

Summary: Know your audience/network and know the difference between Market Size and Addressable Market. Knowing these fundamentals will help you set appropriate expectations around making money via social networking. Finally consider that “financial exchange” is only one aspect of interdependency, so set reasonable expectations around Internet commerce. I have never personally met many of the people in my social network, so it takes time to get to gain trust via the Internet.

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Social Networking
April 5th, 2009

Have you ever socially collided with another person whom you know while visiting another state or country? 

Perhaps the first thing you say in greeting that person is, “WOW, what a small world!” Directly after the greeting, he or she agrees…it really is a small world!
Is the world we live in really small, or is social networking and human population increases making these type encounters and others more probable?  I will leave the answers to these questions to the theorist, but quantitative analysis does exist to support the likelihood of chance or forced social encounters.

Social networking has helped me monetize and optimize my business endeavors, and I want to provide some of the methodologies, perspectives and theories that I subscribe to in hopes that you can benefit as I have.  I will share my thoughts and ideas over time in this forum, and many other forums that I subscribe to. 

You can follow my views by subscribing to my blog.
Manfred Kochen, an Austrian mathematician, published a manuscript in 1962 and reasoned that it is practically certain that any two individuals can contact one another by means of at least two intermediaries. Certainly there have been quantum technological advancements since the 1960’, yet when you factor the rapid advancements within these technologies and the advanced algorithms supporting social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, it is easy to support Kochen’s ideas. The likelihood that you can use technology to increase a voluntary connection to individuals, professional bodies, associations, institutions, or groups is significantly greater,…so go’s the social phenomenon.

To provide you some illustration of the power of social the network algorithms at work, I referenced “one” online social network that I belong to and I am only two degrees away from 159,700 (Friends of friends connected to at least one of my connections).
I am only three degrees away from being introduced or connected to 6,654,200+ people (My connections can introduce me to their connections).
It quickly becomes conceivable to me that there is  potentially a very large mix of people within my network that share the same type interest, ideas, and initiatives.

Another popular social network idea that came from the 1960’s is “Six Degrees of Separation (SDOS).”
SDOS theory reasons that if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, and then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth.

The obvious comment that comes up when I am helping individuals understand social networks, and how they work, or how they can use them to advance their business initiatives is: “I know I need to do more of this.” That comment always sounds off key to me because it tells me that they don’t know what “this” is. 

Folks tell me they need to be more “involved”, yet they don’t know where to begin.
The place to begin, I believe,  is in the fundamental examination and understanding of Sociology. In doing so you will quickly understand that there are rules, and there are processes in any social network. 

I will argue strictly on the side of social business networking when I tell you that it is absolutely necessary to have functional objectives tied to business initiatives when launching your social network campaign…if, you want to monetize your efforts.

Kochen & SDOS Source: Wikipedia

Forrest Graves

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